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For us, strategic communications consulting is a methodical approach and not a buzzword. So what is behind it? Three thoughts are fundamental:

Strategy: Communication follows corporate goals

As communications consultants, we need to understand a client’s business model and strategy. Only if we know the business objectives and the plans for achieving them, including the measures to be taken, is it possible to create a communication strategy that pays straight for the company’s objectives. If, however, corporate communication has no connection to the overarching corporate strategy, this leads to piecemeal work, scattering losses and, as a consequence, waste of resources. However, communication is an important factor for the success of a company if it is correctly used and implemented.

Methodology: Stakeholder theory as a basis

We follow the methodical approach of stakeholder theory. In a nutshell, R. Edward Freeman says that a company can only be as good as its relationships with its stakeholders. In an increasingly complex world, the theory clarifies the relevance of communication for companies. The quality of a company’s relationships with its target groups depends to a large extent on how it communicates with them. As communications consultants, we therefore always keep an eye on all target groups, not only, but also multipliers such as politicians and the media.

Implementation: Think first then act

We align the corporate strategy with the communication strategy or redesign communication strategies. We are not afraid to ask uncomfortable questions or to put our finger on the wound. This is the only way we can recognize blind spots in our clients self-image. As a strategic and operational service provider, we support our clients in the conception of strategies as well as in the implementation of measures. It can happen that we make recommendations that may be unusual for clients, for example because we advise them to do things differently than before. We always do this out of the conviction that the recommended communication measures contribute to the achievement of the client’s goals.